Reference PDF

Hi Shapediver Team,

Is there any way to reference existing pdfs from a filepath or text concatenation, directly into the “PDF Document” Param?

So far I can only seem to manually specify pdfs through right clicking + set multiple. Being able to dynamically reference / input existing pdfs would be a massive help.


What do you mean by “referencing existing pdfs”? In the context of ShapeDiver, you do now have access to the file system and therefore cannot access files stored locally.

In the future, we will add a way to Import pdf files from URLs or direct upload to ShapeDiver models, but at the moment the right-click > internalize method is indeed the only possible solution.

Thanks for the response Mathieu!

The PDF merge function is really useful - my hope was that there would be a way to dynamically reference the local pdf files as a list of paths into the “PDF Document” similar to below: