Multi-page export to pdf

Hello, Guys

Can you please tell me how you can export several pages to PDF using the ShapeDiver / Grasshopper? To make one multi-page document? Maybe someone has a detailed example for my case?

Export PDF A4.3dm (599.0 KB)

Hi @AlexWer to create multiple pages PDFs, you need to use the ShapeDiver Merge PDFs component. To create each page of the PDF, the SquidPdf component support data threes so for each branch you will get one page. Finally, to test the result of the PDF, you can use the ShapeDiver component Write PDF which will save the PDF locally in your computer.

In this example I created a PDF with three pages, each page with a different shape:

You can check the final pdf result here: test.pdf (2.0 KB) and you can download the GH file here: (34.1 KB)

I hope this helps.