Reference file with VisualARQ elements in grasshopper

I have been trying to get VA objects in grasshopper when referencing a file (with the ‘File Path’ and ‘Read 3dm file’ component) but i didn’t manage. Is there a way to do this?

Background info: I have written a GH script to make a custom schedule of facade elements (VA elements) but I don’t want to clutter my original file with this schedule.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Hi David,
I think VisualARQ doesn’t support this feature. Are you trying to make a schedule with the VisualARQ objects from the referenced file or with the existing ones in the model?

With an empty rhino file opened I indeed try to reference a 3dm file (with a building in it made out of VA objects) in grasshopper, so i can create a schedule in grasshopper and then bake the schedule in the empty rhino file, so I can keep my original file (with the building in it) clean. Does this make my question better understandable?

Hi David,
I understand. I regret to say this is not possible. You can create the schedule in the original file and export it to that new empty document.

Hi Francesc,
That is unfortunate. Would it be possible to place this on the with list?

Hi @david25 Unfortunately there is a difficult solution for this request. The “Read 3dm file” is a Human component that reads only plain Rhino geometry from a 3DM, and all plug-in data is discarded. The only possible way to fix this is to implement our own “Read 3dm file” component, and even this is very difficult. The main problem is that Rhino does not support having 2 independent documents loaded at the same time.

I understand, thank you for the explanation. Than it will be baking, coping and pasting for now.