Reference blocks - no change of layer print color on reload

I use linked blocks with reference style layers, as I prefer to edit these files in an separate rhino.

but when I save a file and update the block in the block manager of the file where I inserted the reference block, there is no update of the print colour. not even if I reopen rhino. That also goes for the layer color itself. I also tried replacing the file in the block properties, no luck either…

what is going on here? any help appreciated.


Hi Daniel -

  1. Insert a file as a linked block
  2. Edit the linked file and save (is this via BlockEdit or just opening a Rhino session?), including a change to some layer’s print color.
  3. Update the block in the the current file.
  • there is no change to the layer print color, but other changes are correct.

Do I have that right?

@dk2079 - I can reproduce this - looks wrong to me - thanks for the report.


does not make a difference here.

so, yes… your description is correct.

I just tried with a super simple file, just a few circles… and it should reveal the issue.
geometry is updated but not the layer print color or layer color
*edit: also lintype etc. are not updated…
something seems stuck.

I do not have the latest update installed yet, but not sure if there are any changes concerning this?

little hint:

when I change the layer-name, all other edits are coming along with reloading, meaning printcolor,color,lintype, on/off etc.
if I don’t change the layer-name, no other properties are changed but added geometry is shown.

this was done on a laptop with the latest 6.17

Hi Daniel - good to know- thanks for that detail.


Hi Pascal,

I just followed the youtrack link, and was a bit stunned to see that this fix is being moved to 7.x release target.

I think this is a crucial feature that is missing now, and makes it very difficult to use referenced Blocks within more complex drafting files.

a 7.x release means waiting for year(s)

is there a chance this can be done quicker or is there a workaround that you can suggest?