Handling Linked Block Referenced Layer Material still not working

Hi @pascal , all,
This problem persists with a couple of additional issues.
File A has File B inserted as a linked block, with layer style as Reference.
When a Layer Material is changed in File B, the linked block in File A does not update the Layer Material.
Using the work around in the previous post - rename the layer on File B using BlockEdit - worked… but only once!!

Additional issue:
On File A, the reference new layer appeared, and the material was updated. However, the previous layer name was still visible as a reference.
On File B, we renamed the layer back to the original. On File A the original name took the material of the renamed layer, and the renamed layer disappeared.
The problem is that it seems that Rhino learned the workaround and isn’t fooled again.
We needed to adjust the material again, so we renamed the layer again on File B. This time on File A, the layer name was updated as expected and the original name was not there. However, it did not take the adjustments to the layer material.
After a few attempts, we found out that you need to also rename the material.
So, each time we need to update a material, we need to change the name of the layer AND the name of the material., we can then edit the block again and revert to the original name of the layer and of the material…

…but this is a monumental pain in the neck…

Can you replicate? Can you solve it?
Thanks, N