Linked Blocks and Print Width

Hey There,
I am finding that Print Widths are not updating from Linked Blocks. I am using a Linked Block in the model (Layer Style = Reference), and am trying to control the print width when it is displayed in a layout through a detail view. I changed the Print Width in the source file for the block, but when I update it in the host file the print widths don’t update. I understand that I can’t change them in the host file which makes sense. The print widths are incorrect both in the viewport and the layout in the host and interestingly don’t match (not set to Default and no layouts in Linked Block). I did try detaching and purging, and re-linking, but that didn’t seem to help either…

I am transitioning from AutoCAD for Architectural work and am setting up to have my plans, elevations, etc, as linked blocks (xrefs) and a host file for all the plotted sheets if this helps you understand what I am trying to do.



i know this problem, it may be a bug. One way is to double click the reference block, in the new Rhino instance which opens, do not assign the print width to the Block. (i asume it is a Block here). Instead double click the Block and assign the print width to all objects inside the block. Over here, this updates properly once the second Rhino instance has been closed. But only if the reference file contains a Block object itself.


Thanks for the tip clement,
unfortunately this doesn’t help my situation - it’s just linework (no nested blocks in Linked Block) and I’d like it to be ByLayer.

Hi @TomC,

i know a similar error just for blocks in a linked file. I do not get the error with just linework. Eg. if i do this:

  1. Create new document, add some rectangles to Layer_A
  2. Set the linewidth for Layer_A to 1.0
  3. Save as File_A.3dm
  4. Create a new empty document, start _Insert command and choose File_A.3dm
  5. In the second Insert dialog, choose “Reference”, pick the Origin to import as block
  6. If i now enable _PrintDisplay or run _Print, i see the line width came through

I can not change line width in the new file. But if i double click the block, make changes to the linked file, save and close the second copy of Rhino, the line width updates. Can you repeat this and if yes, does it fail only within the detail ?


Hi Clement,
So I did what you said and everything came through fine. I went back and checked my problem file and it seems to be working fine now… I’m feeling a little confused, as I did check it multiple times… Maybe Rhino needed a reboot or something. I guess chalk it up to user error at this point…

Thanks for the help

Good :wink: