Layer Properties in Referenced Blocks

I use blocks and referenced blocks a lot. I have a list of unexpected behaviours waiting for time to be posted, but this last one finally tipped the scale.
Is it possible to have a file memorize the layer properties of the referenced blocks?

I have a series of drawings referenced as parts on one file for printing layouts. When I open the file with the layouts all layer status (on/off) and their colors revert to the original. This is unexpected because there are some layers that I want off, but when I or a tema member is working on the drawings they may be on. Also the layer color reverts to the original file.
Strangely, the print width of reference layers is not possible to change which is really annoying because you want to print referenced files in different scales.

On the contrary, and this was some time ago, when a reference layer material it is not updated after being changed in the original file.

Thanks, N

@pascal, all
Any ideas on how to solve this?