Ref: 5189336a-ceea-4ac0-8fb8-e54d8d10279d

There isn’t anything suspicious in logs and I need a bit more information to troubleshoot this. Could you post the definition causing this and maybe a few words what you are trying to do? this is the definition…

I am trying to upload the file and it does not process it…

When I open your definition locally, I see three points that explain why the model is denied in ShapeDiver:

  1. There is a boolean difference that takes 15 seconds.
  2. There is a display output with more than 64 file parts (see here). About that point, please also use the ShapeDiverDisplayGeometry component instead of the Grasshopper Custom Preview whenever possible.
  3. In one of the outputs, you send 118 Breps. They are probably converted to meshes and merged together in a really big mesh that again needs to be sized down. Even if none of these steps fail to give a proper result, it is likely that this ends up taking a lot of time (on top of the 15 seconds from point 1).

Your model overall needs some optimization if you want to upload it to ShapeDiver. I think you’ll find some of our documentation articles useful in the process.

You can also try our video tutorials and even sign up to the upcoming webinar that will address those topics.

Year, the problem boiled down to choosing the a custom font ‘S10 BEEHOME DISPLAY’. If the font was Arial it worked… I still don’t know why and the problem persists in this model

If you change to ‘S10 BEEHOME DISPLAY’ for the font, you will not be able to download the DXF, it will just keep processing and never return…

I did not knew the thing about 64 file parts, thanks for that, it helped solve another problem :slight_smile:

It appears that Rhino 6 crashes when running this DXF export. Hence the export request times out and after a while the export dialog tells you We are sorry, results for these parameter values can not be exported.
I assume you are exporting curves created from text? Depending on the quality of the font this often results in dirty curves, which might explain the crash. Without having looked at your model, please try to somehow clean the data before exporting.

Hi - if that is something that is reproducible just running Rhino, please provide the necessary steps and samples to that this can be looked into.

A simple file that fails when uploading, it all about the font… Could you check this? :slight_smile:

For some reason this crash only happens when creating text from digits for this font, and only when running the model in Rhino 6 SR 19 on our servers, in the kind of “headless” mode we are using it in.

It works when running the model as usual, but I can see the following output showing up in the command history:

Resolving curve endpoints... Press Esc to cancel
Creating graph... Press Esc to cancel

I don’t see a possibility to solve this without a major effort, but there is a simple workaround which will be posted by my colleague @pavol in a few minutes.

In order to make the S10 Beehome Display font work, convert it to meshes with MeshGrammarMaker.ghx (403.5 KB) tool. Internalise the result and use it as input for MeshGrammarConverter.ghx (454.5 KB) which will replace the Squid components in your main definition.

This is also more efficient than generating curves from text every time the model runs. I hope this helps and let me know if you struggle.