Reduce triangular faces of a mesh


I have a mesh with bigger and smaller triangular faces. I want to refine both of them but not with the same amount of definition. You can see at the image that the small triangles are too dense. I really need to keep the connectivity in the whole mesh, but I don’t need too much difinition in the small triangular mesh. Does anyone know how to reduce them keeping the “structure” or another way ? Thanks! @diff-arch (8.0 KB)

You could try with TriRemesh. (13.0 KB)

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Hi Thanks for answering! I already tried with triremesh and I get this problem when connecting lines in the feature input. The thing is that later I will apply a mesh relaxation with kangaro and the distribution that the triremesh is doing is not giving the same results as a regular distribution with Refine :confused:

Thanks Martin! Do you know why I am getting some errors with the triremesh??

What does the component say when you click on the small, red word balloon?

Invalid cast: Line » GeometryBase

That’s confusing because it works here

Martin’s definition works for me too. What version of Rhino are you using?

i uploaded my rhino and now it is fine! thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Uploaded? You probably meant upgraded?

Yes, my mistake. Too few hours awake :sweat_smile:

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