Using TriRemesh with untidy mesh

Hello! I would like to use a re-meshing tool to clean untidy meshes. TriRemesh looks pretty good to me, but with the meshes that I would like to use, it seems to not work.

Here is my mesh:
test.3dm (363.5 KB)

And this is how it looks like:

How can I let it work? Or are there any better components for meshes like that?


Unfortunately with meshes, the garbage in, garbage out concept counts. You can remesh it, but problems like non-manfold edges, self-intersecting faces, non-consistent face windings, etc. certainly will persist. After putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

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Hey! This makes sense, thank you! I found out that the ReduceMesh function from Rhino is pretty powerful. I think I can work with that.


Depending on the geometry, you can sometimes take a bad mesh and wrap a good mesh onto it like this Introducing TriRemesh - high quality triangular and hexagonal remeshing and shrink wrapping - #9 by DanielPiker

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Looks interesting! I’ll take a look at it. Many thanks!