Reduce Mesh Optimisation

This has gotta be important… Rhino is really slow for mesh reduction, and could it did not reduce multiple meshes in parallel yet?

The workaround is joining disjoint meshes and reducing them all; but regardless, reducing one mesh can be a long wait

Reducing 1 mesh of 100 000 faces is much faster than 10 meshes of 10 000, so there must be some initial setup overhead for each object. I think ReduceMesh already takes advantage of multithreading, but I agree the bottleneck with multiple objects is a bummer. Not always it is possible to join all into one object for speed.

Unless ‘under the hood’ Rhino could pre-join, keep track of which faces belonged to which mesh, and at the end disjoin them accordingly after reduction (my only idea for potential speed-up)

@Jussi_Aaltonen, please correct if I’m not getting this right.

I was reducing 112 meshes and it just felt really ancient. It waskind of comparable to exporting to Blender, decimating, and exporting back nearly in the time it takes to start the ‘preparing mesh reduction’ step.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful we have a mesh reduction tool internally in the first place.

There’s a bug on my list about the poor performance (in fact there are 3). I will profile it and see if your suggestion would be worth trying out. Thanks!

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