Recursive Knit Pattern in Rhino/GH

Hi all,

Can somebody please give me a headstart on how to achieve recursive knit patterns like these on surfaces using rhino/GH or if there’s any plugin for it? Tried to search for a cue on discourse and grasshopper3D, couldn’t find anything relevant.

Attached references below.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Arya,

I think these type of patterns are more a result of the forces within the woven textile than recursion. To my knowledge you can weave the yarn in different patterns, pre-streching it in a way and the produced textile will deform under these stresses. This makes modelling hard and I would suggest some kind of simulation. Within grasshopper kangaroo might be able to do it, but if you want to scale it up you should look at some more performant solutions outside rhino/gh

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