Rectangular Slab Corner Fillet in Rhino 5 using Grasshopper

Good Day Rhino Community,

Hope all are well. I am using Rhino 5 and I am facing a simple yet frustrating issue I created a Grasshopper program to create a rectangular slab but I want to fillet the edges for the bottom slab on all corners but unfortunately I cannot find the right way to do it in Rhino 5. Any help will be highly appreciated. (I have attached the concerned files in the post).

Many Thanks in advance.

A. Precast Half (12.0 KB)


A. Precast Half (13.8 KB)

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Many thanks dear HS_Kim as always. After baking all looks fine, but is it really possible by any means that the bottom of the slab is visually capped somehow when using grasshopper ?

I don’t understand what you’re saying…
And have no idea about the discrepancy between R5 and R7, so just follow the logic of algo and try to refabricate the definition in R5.

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It was a small glitch in my software i suppose all’s good now. Many thanks dear HS_Kim once again. You are a life saver.