Fillet surface on grasshopper?

Hello Friends. Im new on GH. I am trying to do a fillet on two surfaces that intersect. I want to manage the radius of the fillet as well as im modifying bots initial surfaces.

I cannot find a solution. Is it possible?


Which version of Rhino are you running?
Please post a gh file with internalized surfaces so that it is easier for others to try to help you.

Hello. I want to create a fillet between these two surfaces. IM running RH 5

Ensayo Lampara (12.9 KB)


even with R6 Fillets you won’t get it filleted properly. The way you create your surfaces yields extremely messy geometry. Usually for rotational elements you can prevent using fillets, because you can revolve them with the “Rail Revolution” component.

The problem with Grasshopper is that it doesn’t mirror all functionality of Rhino, which makes harder to reproduce an manual modelling approach( …although its always a good idea to follow a manual approach).
Fillets in GH 1.0+ are less effective, because very often the underlying functionality doesn’t prevent you from manually building corner blends, which in conclusion makes it incomplete. Building these corner blends requires a lot of tools not being inside grasshopper (or in reduced functionality).
So unless you have access to these kind of tools and the required knowledge, you will have a very hard time in filleting a shape within gh.

In a practical scenario, filleting a shape is kind of a “post process”, which ideally should only be done once or twice in the final stage, so its actually not that bad doing it in Rhino only, and the theoretical “speed gain” from doing it automatically isn’t that big.

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Thanks Tom.

Really helpful.