Rectangular mapping of polylines


I would like to ask a simple question how to correctly remap series of polylines from one quad to another.
For instance I am mapping rectangle tile that is made from mid points of another rectangle.

When using rectangle remapping this wont work as target shape must rectangle too and in the case below quad is distorted.

Is there other method than “box morph” simply to remap the polyline or a series of points from one quad to another (no curves, no meshes, no breps, just correct remapping of points)? (38.3 KB)

Check mesh+ it has a barycentric mapper

Also, with Pufferfish Twisted Box Mesh it works with your example. If the base can’t fit in a box I’d try the Mesh+ Barycentric. (12.5 KB)

For this case where the shape you’re mapping has all its vertices on the edges of the reference quad, you could just get the parameter along each segment then evaluate the boundaries of your target quads. (18.1 KB)

though I’m guessing the actual application is with a more complex shape?

Not sure if I’m missing something when you said: (16.9 KB)

But here’s how you might do it?

Thanks mesh+ mapping components and vb part was what I was searching for, as I uses triangulation :slight_smile:

I think the vb code behind is similar to @timothytai answer too.