Morphing/Tweening points and polylines from one mesh to another

i need to “morph” various geometry from one mesh to another.
the sample file contains the two corresponding meshes (same vertex count and topology) and also some point and polylines. both the points and the polyline CVs are located directly on mesh vertices. i also put a pufferfish “tween 2 meshes”-component to check mesh topology and give an idea how the morphing should work.

can anyone think of a solution to “tween” the points and polylines from one mesh to the other? maybe a plugin?
any idea appreciated, thanks in advance. (94.7 KB)

Do you mean you want to map something from one mesh to another? If so, you are looking for barycentric coordinates / mapping. Mesh+ has a few components for that.

Kangaroo has this MeshMap component

For polylines you can explode them and rebuild. Because your mesh splits into a disjoint one though, you might want to split the curves at the patch boundaries first. (95.0 KB)


hi david,
quite what i was looking for.
i have some other more challenging morphs to do later, which possibly cannot be done with points. maybe i will ask again.

thanks a lot so far!

thanks michael,
just installed mesh+. the map section looks good, but i need to take a closer look later, when i have some more complex things to do.