Rectangular array inside a circle?


I´d like to create a rectangular array inside a circle. ATM I have the array and the circle which should define the array area, but dont know how to proceed from that…

…heres the GH definitionrec array inside (10.1 KB) .


check this…

Btw, this a very common task…
There are plenty of solutions existing on this forum.

rec array inside (14.6 KB)

I know its VERY easy for someone who´s brain can communicate with GH, but for me its a matter of trial and error. :smiley:

But I got it to work, the code is not that good but does what I wanted.

White group: (14.7 KB)

@Jakinta, your solution doesn’t account for the radius of the small circles; this does:


Works with polygons or any other curve shape instead of small circles, of course:

Same for the perimeter curve:

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