Looking for someone to write a 2D Bin packing script for GH Circles

Hows it going, my team is working on a project where 2d bin packing on polygons would be required. If someone could write a script that could place a series of circles into a semi circular polygon that would be great. It would take in a series of curves, and pack them with space in between the curves and the perimeter. I have a budget of 300 dollars, let me know what you think !

I can help you with it.
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Here’s one that packs a given quantity of circles of multiple given radii inside a curve:
circles_pack_inside_curve_different_radii.gh (14.9 KB)

Wow thanks for this ! this is exactly what I was looking for. Where did you find it ? I was searching around,is there a place exclusively for positing GH scripts ?

Does not seem to work with just three circles though. I get a hunch it relies on packing it with many circles to behave the way it does

Great. It’s essentially the same as one I’d posted before in a previous discussion.

There are many GH definitions posted in this forum over the years. The forum search function is pretty good if you know the commonly used terms for what you’re looking for.
eg Search results for 'circle packing' - McNeel Forum

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Ok great Ill keep looking ! Thanks for the prompt reply Daniel !

There’s no lower limit to the number of circles - even with a single circle it should keep it inside the boundary curve.
It’s just you might need to adjust the range of the radius sliders, and if you reduce the number of circles you’ll need to restart the packing by clicking the highlighted Reset button

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Oh thats my bad sorry about that ! Thanks Daniel! Did you ever get around to writing a guide of circle packing ? Would love to learn more about it.