To create a rectangle from a (moveable) plane, with intersections

THE goal is to create a rectangle, from an XZ plane that is adjustable in the Y-axis, such that the sides intersect with four surfaces defined earlier in Grasshopper (please see attached file); or that the corners intersect with the four curves. The rectangle would be able to support rounded corners. And if the plane were later moved, the rectangle would update. I’m hoping this may be possible.

To create a rectangle from (18.2 KB)
To create a rectangle from intersections.3dm (3.2 MB)

I cannot see your files not near a PC but…When you intersect the two curved surfaces with the plane, the result is two curves (lines in your case) then use PointOnCurve component twice for each curve, setting the value to 1 and 0. This will give you the start and end points. Then use a component to create lines out of these points.

Hi, this definition uses a plane instead of a surface (faster) and takes for granted that the 4 surfaces you provide will give a rectangle section. if they don’t it will again work but the resulting rectangle will not touch these surfaces at all its edges. (13.9 KB)

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Thank you, I’ll give it a go.

Aris, many thanks. A perfect answer and does the job.

[minor question please, what does the dashed line between (a) the Brep plane section and (b) the Multiple curves boxes represent please? If it means there’s a problem, any problem is not apparent!]

no, not a problem at all, the form of the line shows what kind of data goes through it:
single line: single value
double line: list of values
dashed double line: list of lists

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