Rectangle isn't drawn to size specified

Hey guys,

I wonder if you could watch the very short video to see how the Rectangle command doesn’t seem to be following the dimensions specified and the rectangle drawn is of a different size? This is something I run in to over and over again and have noticed it for several months now. It was there in Rhino 6 and is still there in Rhino 7.

Hi Cosmas - the clip is far too blurry - I cannot see what the inputs are or what the prompts say.


It’s very blurry, but it kinda looks like you are not hitting enter between entering the 2 dimensions for the rectangle. To draw a rectangle with specific sizes, start the command, click a point for a corner, then type in 1 dimension, hit enter, type in the other dimension, and hit enter again.

Thank you, Peter. Hitting Enter made the difference. 10 years with Rhino and I did not know that :dizzy_face:

Sorry about that. Hitting Enter made the difference though. Thank you.