V6 (R3) - Rectangle 3Pts acting weird

One of my main tools has stopped working correctly. When I type in the 2nd dimension, the rectangle created is a fraction of the distance i specified.

EDIT: I noticed this. I’m in Top view (even rest 4 viewport setup) - for some reason, my 2D crv has a Z dimension. And I set Cplane to World Top. AND (though I can’t take a screengrab of it) when I use Resize 1D, the tool shows my rectangle as being 1’-6", which it isn’t.

Can’t upload file, as it’s someone’s personal project. Can you send me that Upload link again, @pascal?


Hi Alan - www.rhino3d.com/Upload

Make sure to use Project on OSnaps and set Planar in the status bar if needed,


It’s possible I didn’t have those on at the time. Will post/upload if or when it happens again, thanks