Rhino 3D can u change GRID SIZE - into a rectangle

Hi just seeing if there is a way of making the grid a rectangle im trying to make it 3600x760mm

or is there another option to have a grid you can snap too that size

I understand the programme is 3D and not a 2d graphics programme
I tried to make the grid 3600 square but that did not work not to sure why

cheers Jimi

Hi Jimi -no, this is not possible.


ok thanks can I get a grid 3600x3600mm at all

Hi -

That seems to work fine here. What happens on your system?

Hi wim it goes to a really big shape outside 3600 I have a rectangle 3600 high but when I make the grid 3600 its like twice the size I’ll take a screen shot

ok I just noticed it says gridline count

may I ask how you get the grid 3600mm please

There are multiple ways to get there based on what you need.
Something like this would work:

Thankyou John really appreciate the reply