Recreating Tree-like Fractal Columns

Mosque (56.9 KB)

Reciprocal Tree-Like Fractal Structures - Nexus Network Journal

Hello! Hope you’re well. I’m trying to make prototypes of the original column (that I posted the script of) and change it in a way that is similar to the two images I attached - one being a reciprocal tree-like fracture structure and one being the combined sticks connection. They’re both supposed to be simple pillars. Can anyone please help with changing the original script in a way to look like the two images attached? I would really appreciate it. Thank you!



Is this referring to another thread? I don’t have your plugins so can’t make much sense of your code, other than previews of random components in a complex GH file. Looks nice.

I’m trying to make 2 more columns that are similar to the images I sent. I don’t know how to start those, with or without plugins. Will you be able to help me get started on those, please?

I have no intention of installing the plugins, sorry.

Posting those plugins here is probably not appropriate.

Deleted that, sorry I didn’t know. I’m new to this. Will you please be able to help in creating the columns?

I don’t see any obvious connection between the images and the GH code you posted? At least from the previews I posted, your images look entirely different to me. I’m working on something but… don’t hold your breath.

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Looking at that image, I think in this direction.

The curves still need to be connected at the bottom, and there are other possible refinements but as you can see, it’s completely unrelated to the GH you posted. (58.6 KB)

It doesn’t look much like a column to me?

P.S. Here’s one refinement; added a Graph Mapper to avoid the linear reduction in radius, making it more bowl-shaped.



OMG! Lost the code with Graph Mapper!! Standby… fixed. I don’t know how that happens… (63.2 KB)

Adjust Graph Mapper curve to shape the result.


This was also a rather simple change, internal to the Magic cluster (now renamed ‘Magic2’). (51.5 KB) (funny how adding code makes the GH file smaller?)

I accidentally discovered a way of having the curves cross at the center using Split List instead of Dispatch, but that’s not what the image shows.

I’m not really sure anymore how much of this matches the image that inspired it… :thinking:

P.S. This (below) might be the most anatomically correct yet, even though proportions and “stick” positions need further adjustment. The urge to quit gets strong when anything less than chaos emerges. (44.8 KB)

P.P.S. Here is a small but amusing change - add Shift Paths (yellow group) after Magic3, and then add Loft. (35.3 KB)

It’s also trivial to replace two of the text panel “constants” with sliders. (42.3 KB)