GH 3D Printed columns

Hi everybody,

I’m a begginer on GH. I’m an archi student and for a class, I have to modelize a 3d printed column. For now, I have this result but I would like to have something more organic while keeping this repetitive look. How can I do this ? Do you know how such columns by ETH Zurich were made ?

Thanks in advance for your advices !!

90704490_531798881046322_9035002506488315904_n|438x500 90776453_578961776300668_6235861204586201088_n (71.4 KB)

It’s possible to eliminate unnecessary repetitive parts of your definition and make it more parametric, and perhaps you can simplify it even further. (16.9 KB)

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you can also check this,

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If you look at a column, what shapes you identify?

Wow, thanks ! This helps me a lot

That’s exactly what I was looking for ! Thanks for the link

Sorry, I’m not sure to have understood your question …