Recording video in Rhino vs Screen Capturing with Limited Resolution

I do a lot of grasshopper animations, and exporting images. Within Rhino, I have full control of the output resolutions so they look great. When it comes to rotating views, or simulating tool paths in RhinoCAM, I’m stuck recording with a dinky screen recorder like OSB, limited to my 1080x1920 screen resolution. Before I go out and waste $500+ on a better monitor, is there any way or Rhino plugin y’all know of for recording Rhino?

Probably not for real time screen capture, no. Of course I wouldn’t call $500+ for a new monitor a “waste,” it’s a quality of life thing that’s worth as much as any other component. My secondary monitor is only 1080p and I have a hard time comprehending how people can actually do work exclusively on such a thing. Back in 1999 I spent an obscene amount of money to “lease” one if biggest best screens money could buy, a 22" CRT, and I did not regret it at all…it was also capable of higher resolution than 1080p.

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Go waste away, and I’m pretty sure you will realize that the only waste was not getting that 4K monitor sooner :wink:



Priorities dictate otherwise, let’s just say it would be a waste to prioritize buying a new monitor just to take higher resolution video.

A bigger sharper monitor is worth as much as any other upgrade you might do.

That is very specific to you, my line of work requires me to move around a lot which is why I spent close to 5k on a laptop. I do just fine working with the screen on my laptop, and I have a portable monitor I use as a second screen for complicated grasshopper work. Maybe on my next laptop I’ll get a screen upgrade.

Like I said, I was looking for a way to cheat it for recordings sake. I can record grasshopper animations at whatever resolution I want, my monitor doesn’t need to get involved. I have some non-Rhino specific leads, just checking to see if somebody created a Rhino recording plugin. I’m guessing Bongo might have a path, I used a trial to do turn-table style videos years ago.

You can check if your gpu supports “Virtual resolution” or “Dynamic Super Resolution”.
With that you should be able to run even windows itself at UHD on a FHD monitor.
Should… I’ve never tried. Just citing this…

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Dunno, I’m quite happy with my dinky OBS and 1920x1080 screen resolution.

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Going down that route now, think I almost have it figured out. Appreciate the positive input.

What is the best screen recorder that you can recommend?

ScreenToGif (free) has bee an eye opener for me, lets you record the screen or load your own grasshopper slider animations. Easy control for editing/ resizing and adjusting the speed of the frames as well as exporting to gif or video.

How about Movavi screen recorder? Been using it for quite a long time, it offers a wide choice of options and is completely easy to use. You can read more here - URL - if you’re still interested,