Simple animation plugin? or Software

I’m wondering if there’s a good plugin for taking animation and on the budget side.
Just want to do something as cam on bongo page.
Nothing too fancy.

Bongo is a likely candidate.

It’s a bit expensive for my needs…
I wish Rhino would have native animation for at least translating, rotating parts…

It is possible in Grasshopper to create an animation, see for more details.

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Snapshots in RhinoWIP can tween between positions, but you’d need to do a screen capture to save it as an animation.

As has been said, Grasshopper can be used to do such things with a bit of work.

I would look at Simlab and test it:

Hi @menno et @fraguada,
I didn’t think of grasshopper for animation. Thank you. (Though I just got started on grasshopper…)

@Micha I’ll also take a look at Simlab.
Price looks reasonable.