Record Named View Animation - HOW?

Hi All. Is there a way to record the Named View Animation of the transition between a few named views?
ie. The same way as the normal Rhino Turntable record:
Select folder and file type and Go.
I can use a screen capture tool, but I would prefer to get true screen captures of each frame and turn those into a video clip. Any help appreciated. Michael VS

I believe you can animate between named views only with the Bongo plugin.

Hi mvyess,

This may work for you:

Hi @BrianJ, I don’t have Bongo, but if I double click on a named view then in the viewport the transition is animated from one named viewport position to another each time a new one is double clicked.
I can set the number of frames per animation transition.
There is just no record option, like there is for flythrough, turntable etc.
So why is it possible to set the number of frames per transition when there is no option to record those frames?
I can see that this might still be useful for demo purposes, but a record feature would be great.
Edit…Hi @Jarek, Thanks I will try the smoothrestore plugin .
Michael VS

I think that was added like you say for demonstration purposes only. I have asked for this exact same feature in the past for what it’s worth and it was determined that the functionality would remain only possible in Bongo.

@andy @Rajaa may have more to add.

Hi @BrianJL, Ok. Thanks. Hopefully it gets added as a std feature sometime.
For now I used a screen recorder program and manually clicked through to record the animated transitions which worked ok in the end. Michael VS