Reconstruct surface from point data?

Is there a way in Rhino (/Grasshopper) to create a surface from point data?

I’ve just upgraded my mill with a touch probe. I can set it to measure surface - it returns a file with a set of coordinates for each measured point on surface.
I’d love to import this into Rhino and build a surface over those - this would allow me to project curves onto such surface and mill based on those. This way I’d compensate for uneven surface when working on some simple pcb layouts (sadly software for the mill does not have auto leveling feature). Also I’d be able to carve on curved surfaces.

If there’s a way please share - I don’t have a clue even how I’d go about importing this data.

Hello - a lot depends on the shape described by the points - you might be able to get away with Patch (or MeshPatch) on the points or a subset of the points - that is as automatic as it gets - beyond that, you need to build surfaces in the usual ways, using the points as reference.


Just saw this today in the latest RhinoWIP changelog:

  • ExtractPt: Option to create a single point cloud from several objects (RH-67664)

Maybe the other way around will be possible.

That’s now how that works, no.