3 questions about curves

Hello folks,

Here I have 3 questions that couldn’t solve ride the way after 12 hrs of working…
I appreciate any helps in advance!
(3dm file is attached COLUMN ANNO.3dm (610.1 KB)

  1. How to cull out curves within curves?

  2. Some rectangular are made up by more than 4 curves,
    is there a way to rebuild them, or eliminate the redundant points?

  3. For some reason the vertices order are not consistent, can it be fixed?

Where’s your Grasshopper file?

You could do something like this, BTW, I’m not sure why this is a GH related question though…
Because I don’t think GH is a clean up tool for this kind of aftermath. You could have generated your geometries cleanly from the first place…

Simplify & Unify_re.gh (18.5 KB)

I started to work on this from scratch by identifying the squares at the grid intersection points in the green group (below). After that, I was rebuilding the rectangles using only four corner points (Disc) but PLine fails in some cases, most likely because your geometry is VASTLY FAR AWAY from the origin, which is well known to cause failure.

curves_2020Dec7a.gh (18.2 KB)

It would help if your geometry was better organized. And much closer to the origin!

I moved all your geometry to the origin and found that PLine still failed so looked closer and realized that two of the so-called “Crv Squares” were actually circles centered on intersection points. so they can be ignored.

However, the location and dimensions of your geometry are extremely and inappropriately large.

Before trimming the grid lines around the culled squares, some of them need to be ignored because they are nested inside each other. And the very last one is a GIANT square surrounding everything else that needs to be ignored as well. This is all clean-up work that wouldn’t be necessary if your geometry were better organized. Also, this is far from beginner’s work…

curves_2020Dec7c.gh (18.5 KB)