How clunky would these older laptops be?

I’m looking at getting a cheap used laptop for occasional Rhino use away from my decent workstation, maybe even teach my kid. There’s a local computer salvage place near me that has a couple older machines that I’m considering. I don’t need fancy photorealistic rendering, though smoothish operation would be nice.

Machine 1:
15.6" Asus N53Jg
Intel core i3 m370 @ 2.4Ghz
4gb ddr3
Nvidia gt415M

Machine 2:
Dell Latitude E6410
i5 M520 @ 2.4 GHz
4gb Ddr3
Nvidia 3100M

Would either of these be sufficient?

My opinion: only for Rhino 5. 6 requires more capable video than these are likely to have. 4gb memory is pretty minimal, but should be OK for small models without texturing or a lot of fancy materials. Also depends on what OS they have. XP would be iffy, 7 probably about right. I don’t think 10 would run on them. Others here might be able to give you more informed opinions.