Recommendation for best photorealistic renderer?

m also working on jewellery rendering.
but m getting diamond render output getting black.
can u help me for thet prob.

hitesh khona

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Rendering is like taking camera in your hand and shooting photos.
If you want to take photos of jewelry (metal) and gemstones almost everything taht matters is reflection of your envirnoment and proper lightning. Usually all modernt rendering sw are good with materials “reproduction” in renderings. But I find lot of jewlery “poor”-prepared for rendering - lot of sharp edges, flat areas/surfaces which do not exist in real piece of jewlery. etc.
My expirience:

  1. KeyShot… easy to learn/“fast” learnig curve, very good for jewlery. Excelent choice for industrial design, product viz, and concept prototyping. It is probably the most user-friendly rendering software on the market. It is a biased raytracer.

  2. V-Ray…very successfull becasue of versatility - it’s powerful enough to be used in relatively large-scale production but also easy enough to use that a single individual user can wield it to great effect. Vray is a biased raytracer and it seems to me that it has better reproduction of gemsstone (some biased “algorithm” for gemstone-like material is used to produce realz good result for human eye even if less phisicaly correct)

Rendering of three rings in “neutral” envirnoment. It is not one render - it is composed of more renderings becasue it is not possible to have all gesmtoens to sparkle in one “shooting”. The same issue is with reflections on rings…

Here rings are placed in colorfull envirnoment which reflects in the mettal…

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Maxwell render, Arion render, Vray, Thea render, that is sorting by beautiful reason.

don’t forget brazil for rhino


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You might give Thea a spin

Jewellery render should use Arion render:wink:

and more than 64 cores

sorry couldn’t resist

I use V-Ray and Thea. Both highly recommended. Thea is much less expensive but very versatile and fast.

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Good time
How can I render renderer vray 3.4 for rhino more clearly?
My rendering is dark and dirty

Good time
How can I render renderer vray 3.4 for rhino more clearly?
My rendering is dark and dirty

If anyone can guide me about blurred rendering and noise in rendering in vray for rhino

Disable the default Antialiasing filter and the image will not look so blurry anymore. Enable the denoiser and you get a cleaner image without the need of longer render times.

Try to use a HDRI landscape environment (or the physical sky) and you get a more natural lighting through the windows.


What is the default Antialiasing filter?

You find it under the advanced raytrace options. ScreenShot9297

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thank you very much :wink:

  1. Vray, has been a top performer (speed, versatility, photorealism, and overall practicality) for over 15 years consistently. Big names use it and is capable of exceptional photorealism.

  2. Maxwell kick-started the physics-based-super-photorealism back in the early 2000s. The drawback has always been speed. This is a 10 year old gallery; they have advanced beyond that now.

I used lots of engines but since few years i’m with Thea.

Btw. v2 is just around the corner - i can assure you if you have decent GPU there’s nothing faster with this results

EDIT: i see that this is old topic with question not about the topic…

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Wow, thank you for sharing the link. The Thea-Renderings looks like photos!!! One of the best renders I have seen.