Recommend me a plugin to work with textures

Hi All!
Recommend me a plugin to work with textures.
Built-in options do not allow detailed stretch some parts of the texture on the model.
I need to save in the WRL. For subsequent print model on the 3d printer with texture.

Can you post the mesh and the texture as well as point out the area you want to adjust? Adjustment of the unwrapped render mesh should allow for refining how the texture maps to the mesh. It may be tricky though if you have a mesh with widely varying poly sizes. The only plugins that will add to the default UV tools in Rhino 5 will be renderers and they usually only supply primitive mapping methods. I can help more if I can see the model.

Hi, Brian!

I have a model of the bottle and texture to be printed along with it.
When applying the texture to the model, the company logo is strongly distorted.
I used the method of the cylinder. I would like to receive additional control points on the map to using these points to deform the texture directly on the model

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You do realize, that mapping a 2D texture to a 3D curved surface will always involve some kind of distortion?
You can try box or plane mapping aligned to world coordinates. That will result in an undistorted appearance in the front view. You will realize heavy distortion in perspective view.

IMHO the cylinder mapping in your case is probably the best an most realistic mapping. It kind of simulates shrink wrapping a plastic tube with the print to the bottle. In order to adjust the appearance of the logo, you should stretch the texture in the area of the logo. That will also give you a good starting point for the production of the shrink wrap tube.

In this case, I would split the model as I have in the attached version and do a custom unwrap for one side. Adjust the flattened render mesh in the UV editor as I have and then rotate the result as a copy to the other side. I think this looks better but there will always be some distortion over an organic surface.

bottle_3_Final_bjames.7z (2.8 MB)

I wanted to revive this topic to see if anyone knows of a plugin-in they could recommend to work with textures / 3D textures in Rhino7.

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