Reciprocal structure optimization

Hi everyone! So I’m working on nexorades and reciprocal structures for a school project. I managed to adapt to grasshopper what’s written in this thesis :
But I’m struggling for the part about eccentricity optimization. I’ve managed to determine the eccentricity of each member, but I can’t fin a way to apply what’s being said in the thesis.
So I thought about working around and simplify it by associating each eccentricity to a spring in kangaroo with an enormous strength and a determined length (here I want 1m)

. But then I don’t know how to connect these strings (In black) to the rigid elements (the big blue pipes). I want to let the possibility to the rigid element to grow longer but not to bend etc…
If you have any clue on how to help me I’d be very grateful!

Thanks a lot

I have no idea, but you may find a clue in here:

Hi @bollengier.loris
Check out the examples posted in this thread: