Kangaroo 2.42 Beams - Interaction with Rigid Body Goals

I was wondering if anyone has had success in combining Kangaroo 2’s 6dof beams with other rigid body goals? In particular I am trying to use the rigid body align faces goal to make 2 frames made of beams interactively “snap” to each other causing them both to deform into position. My goal is to have them click ad therefore create a moment connection across them dynamically in the simulation.

I am trying to use the same frames/planes in the beams and in the face alignment but it seems to have no effect. Would anybody have any hints?

I have a version that I did with meshes and springs to achieve the same effect but it was extremely slow to run in comparison to the way the 6dof beams respond.

Just an update for anyone who has read my daft question… I was getting myself confused with the frames of the beams and rigid bodies, once I carefully went through the planes I was using it all worked perfectly!

Hi Brian -

Sorry I didn’t respond to this at the time.
Glad you figured out the issue with the frames. I realise the current setup with separate end frames and node frames is rather confusing.
I’ve been working on a new release including some improvements to the rigid bodies that might be helpful for this, and thought I’d have it ready in a day or 2, but things have taken a little longer than planned.

It’s an interesting idea - I had a little play:

One thing I found when trying this was that when snapping the sets of 8 corners, it is easy to accidentally snap things diagonally or with the cubes passing through each other.
So I was thinking that it would probably be nicer to have a different sort of snaps for 6dof nodes, that would snap them to a specific distance and orientation.


Hi Daniel! Sorry for not replying after your fantastic reply and experiment! Yes I am doing something very similar though, not currently interactive. Yes I have found the same issue with orientation and passing through as you mention. I am nearly there with the animations I have been producing - I’m effectively simulating the assembly of flexible components - once it’s up on-line I’ll post a link.

Hi Daniel,

I’m new to both grasshopper and kangaroo. I’m currently trying to conenct rigid bodies with beams. You seem to have done just that in this demo. Would you be willing to share it so I can have a look and figure out how to do it?