"Recent models" is not up to date



  • the “recent models” in Rhino is not up to date

system.txt (9.9 KB)

Interesting. Thanks for reporting this! (There was a detail omitted here that was fairly easy to infer: this only happens when you launch Rhino via double-clicking the .gh definition itself).

I think the bug here is actually that the Rhino for Mac splash screen shows .gh definitions in the Recent Models list at all. Rhino for Windows does not show Grasshopper definitions. I think the Rhino for Windows behavior is what we should shoot for. Logged in:

RH-55668 Splash screen: Grasshopper definitions are show in the recent files list

Hi @dan,

thks for your answer

I forgot at all that I selected the GH file before

I respectfully disagree. I think you should take into account the Grasshopper documents that have been opened from grasshopper as well. After, all, for a core grasshopper user, it would save at least 3 clicks by providing an up to date list of recent grasshopper document.

What would be the rationale for not to ?

Measurement on a Mac Book Air:

  • click “new model”, wait for 6’’ from splash screen to the Rhino GUI
  • click Tools, then click “Grasshopper”, wait for 9’’ from Rhino GUI to the GH splash screen to appear.

That means, user’ attention is taken for 20’’ for the three clicks. 3 clicks and 20’’ attention would be saved if the GH document would appear in the “recent models” list.

Ok, sounds good to me. I amended the bug-track item:

RH-55668 Splash screen: Grasshopper definitions are shown in splash screen do not match those in Grasshopper recents

I wonder what the rationale is in Rhino for Windows for NOT showing grasshopper definitions in the recent files list. It’s probably just an oversight.

Thks for the amend. I look forward to the change.