RIR combining design option filters

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I’m trying to get all rooms in the Primary Design Option. I have a few different filters (parameter, category, etc) that I am combining into an ‘And Filter’. The issue is that when I get the Primary design options and create a filter in the same manner, it creates 3 filters.

What is the logic here? In my mind, the design options filter should really be an OR filter (returning only one filter) which is then combined into And filter. However, the Or filter wants 2 inputs, not a list. How can I fix this?

Also, using the Design Option nodes returns the primary options for the project. Is there a way to get the design option visible in view? For example, in a floor plan, I may have explicitly stated to show option 2 even though it is not the primary option. ‘View Identity’ doesn’t seem to give me this information.

In the 1.4-RC2 there is a component called ‘Union Filter’ to be used just in this case.

To get the ‘Visible In Option’ you can use the ‘Inspect Element’ or a regular ‘Element Parameter’ component.

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Thanks @kike I’ll install v1.4 and give it a try.

In terms of the design options visible in view, I get a different output using the inspect element. Not working for a plan or 3D view.


I didn’t found any API to set or get View Design Options.

Why do you need those vales?

@kike you when you say “to get the ‘Visible In Option’ you can use the ‘Inspect Element’ or a regular ‘Element Parameter’ component,” why is this different to what I’ve done? Are you using another component?

Looking at Loopup it may not be possible to get the design options visible in view…

What I wanted to do was reference a 3D view and return all of the design options visible. My current method is to get the project’s ‘primary’ design options and use these. This works but it means a user will need to (globally) change the design option primary settings first.

On your first post I thought you were talking about ‘Visible In View’ property. Then when I saw your capture I understod that this was not what you are talking about.

The View Overrides - Design Options has no API or I’m unable to found it.
The Visible In View is a property that you can access using regular parameter components.

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