Rebuilding snapping points for dimensions in layout views

I am serializing and de-serializing dimension objects for a plugin. One feature I’d love to explore is how to potentially save and reattach dimensions to elements they’re snapped to inside of layout views, is there any way to do this? I have reviewed the API and not found any way to do this.

@dale I’d love your input on this topic if you have any ideas.

Hi @csykes,

A couple of things:

1.) In Rhino 6, history recording is enabled, by default, for all dimension commands.

2.) Rhino’s history is command based. That is, if history recording is enabled, some Rhino commands will record the inputs that produce an output. If the input is later changed, Rhino replays the command, thus updating the output.

3.) Command history records are serialized, by Rhino, to .3dm files.

Here is an example Rhino command that supports history:


Given all this, there is no way (that I know of) to reattach the history between a dimension and a target object.

– Dale