Rebuild surface wireframe with even spacing


Is it possible to rebuild the wireframe of a surface so the spacing will be even when seen from the top view? Is this possible in Rhino or Grasshopper? Just to clarify, I don’t need the spacing to be even in absolute values, say the length of a curve subdivided into equal parts, but for the spacing to be even in the XY axis, see example in red

Thanks in advance!

Hello - if you Contour the surface in two directions at the XY spacing you like, then DupEdge, you should be able to combine all of those curves in a NetworkSrf and get the isos spaced as you like. I am not sure the surface will be a shape that you like, on the other hand.

Question is, why?



I tried that but the result was still an uneven distribution of lines, did it work for you?

What problem are you trying to solve with this approach?


I think that if I get the wireframe to be devided evenly in the xy axis, that can help me generate a recursive pattern in grasshopper based on the elevation of a terrain. Don’t know if this would be the right approach

Why not use the Contour command to create the curves you want that slice through the surface?

@Richard.M92 What do you mean by " wireframe of a surface"? Are you refering to the isocurves? Or do you mean curves on the surface?

hi david,

I was refering to to the isocurves of a surface

@Richard.M92 The isocurve spacing is controlled by the control point locations.

What are the u and v degrees of your surface?

Can you upload a .3dm file with your surface?

the U and V degrees are currently 3 and 3. I think uploading the surface is kind of irrelevant in this case, I just did as an example, since what I want is to apply this to multiple topographies. Any network surface should do as example

how does the degree of the U&V affect this exactly?