Rebuild Polysurfaces

After joining two overlapping volumes with the boolean union command the overlapping surfaces get split into 3 parts (surface 1, surface 2 and intersecting part, see left volume below). Is there a way to rebuild a polysurface so all planar divided surfaces get joined to single surfaces again (see right volume below)?

My workaround is to extract the three surfaces and cap the object again, but this has to be made on every single surface…
Is there any faster way?

Use MergeAllFaces.

Hi Simon,

yes, use the command _MergeAllFaces.



one of those hacks which should be implemented as an option during the boolean union process. i have never encountered a situation where you might need it unmerged but if yes that its at least as an option available.

You can just use little macro to make boolean and mergeFaces together , preselect Objects first :


The main problem is that if you have a lot of faces in your object(s), MAF can take a very long time to complete or even hang Rhino. So, as an option in the Boolean commands, it has the potential to be somewhat dangerous for those who don’t know what to look for - which includes most people…


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