Combine Multiple Closed Polysurfaces

Hello. I’m new to Rhino and can’t figure out the proper way to do this, and am hoping someone will be able to assist me. I’d like to combine these three shapes into one. The two vertical shapes are sunken into the horizontal shape.

I’ve tried a few different tools (boolean union), but the results are similar to just grouping the shapes.

Once the surfaces are combined, I’d be applying a fillet to various edges.
Thank you for any help and/or advise you can provide.

Hello - if BooleanUnion does not make a single polysurface from those, please post a file with those objects.


Hi Pascal. Thank you for taking a look at this.

Test Object.3dm (391.2 KB)

Hi Lars - that looks correct - use MergeAllFaces to clean up the extra internal edges. You do have a slight jog in the outer faces -those will not merge.


Thank you Pascal!
I hadn’t come across MergeAllFaces, and that looks great!
OOPS! I hadn’t seen that jog. Thank you!