Rebar splitter in grasshopper

Hey, I’m trying to make a split bar from grasshopper for tekla. I’ve seen some videos about it but they use C# code. There is another way to make it?


Hi, if you would be open to using code you should be able to use the Split() command as in this thread:

Note that there are some limitations if used through the Grasshopper Component in Tekla.

Without code, you might be able to create your own splitter with something like this approach:

  1. Reference in a rebar into GH
  2. Deconstruct it to get the polygon(s) (and StartPoint - EndPoint for a group if you want to split the range) - use the Expand object as in this post: Import reinforcing bar Points from Tekla to Grasshopper - #2 by sebastian.lindholm
  3. Split that polygon
  4. Use one part of the polygon as input to the Modify Rebar component to modify the original rebar
  5. Use the other part with a Rebar component to create a new rebar
  6. The new rebar could hopefully get its attributes mapped from the expanded old rebar




like Jennifer Rojas reacted to your message:

It worked.


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