Rearrangement of a mesh's vertices

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(My problem either has a very basic solution or a very advanced one!)
I have created the attached definition to create and tessellate a mesh surface. In order to manually create the mesh faces, using a panel and a triangular order of vertices to be picked, I have tried to develop a certain strategy that automates the process and saves me from rewriting and editing the same phrase 200 times (the number of triangular faces that fits in the surface according to the current value of U and V. However, in order to do that, and since the current arrangement of vertices, as visualized by the point list component does not provide me the possibility to use series component together with concatenating (to create the structure of T{x,y,z} with numbers in succession. Therefore, I need to modify the mesh so its vertices start in each row from 0 to n (depending on the value of V). Afterward, write a script or use the mentioned components to create the tessellation. I appreciate it if someone gives me insight on how to do so.

Ex_12 - Mesh (38.1 KB)

There are a few ways to do this.

You can triangulate a mesh in the XY plane and use the point structure to create the triangular faces on your actual mesh.

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Thank you Martin Siegrist, what is the second component that you’ve used?

Sorry I got distracted, that’s a MeshTurn component from Kangaroo.

Ex_12 - Mesh (35.2 KB)