Mesh vertice points are wrong

i was trying to connect mesh vertice points to some other points and was getting funny lines. so i checked and realized vertex point list numbers are wrong as seen in the picture. if i use the same shape as a surface this problem disappears and numbers and lines are correct.

what may be the reason ?

Hi :slight_smile:

It’s not necessarily wrong. The vertices of a mesh does not have to be in geometric order. What do you mean by funny lines?

what i wanted was “pramid” like diagonals between vertices and polygon centers instead i got what is in the picture

Umut, the most simple way to do this is with Weaverbird.

The Stellate component add a pyramid on every mesh face.

In case that doesn’t work for you, post a Rhino file and Grasshopper definition with the relevant inputs.

i will share an example of desired vs what i got

this desires result i can obtain by using surface commands instead of mesh. because surface vertices are “in order”

pic i shared before is the obtained result from mesh

this pic is obtained by surface usage

If you want help, please post your files instead of just screenshots. (23.6 KB)

here is the file with internalised surface and mesh

I don’t use Pufferfish so I can’t see what you’re trying to solve with some of the components.

You can use Extrude to Point to create the pyramids. (22.1 KB)

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thanks martin, i tried your solution on the mesh side of the code and it worked