Problem Constructing Mesh Triangles

I am trying to construct a mesh and am having trouble with the mesh triangle component. I have made 7 points using 3 integers and am trying to make 6 faces but the 4th and 6th triangle are returning an invalid sequence with four numbers not three like the others. This seems like it should be a simple fix I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

ORIGAMI_1ST_SIMPLE_SS_2_12 component.href=“”> (43.0 KB)

Hi @cmoriarty

This should work: (19.3 KB)

You misunderstood the role of the Triangle component.
A mesh is basically defined by vertices and face vertices, meaning indices of vertices defining faces. All the vertices of a mesh are usually structured in a flat list. The face vertex indices are thus needed to know which vertices form which face. Three vertices form triangular faces and four quad faces.
In your case, you construct the mesh faces from points. The points are thus your vertices. The Triangle component full-fills the role of the face vertices. It informs about the order and number of face-forming vertices. Since you only construct single mesh faces, you don’t need to input anything into its inputs.
Your solitary mesh faces can later be joined and welded into a more complex mesh!

Thank you! I thought I was probably misunderstanding something.