Rearrange layers by dragging

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Currently, it seems that the only way to move layers is by dragging child layers into parent layers, or using the arrows in the layer panel to move the layer/sublayers.


Is it possible to move layers by dragging them between others like below?
In this image, I’m dragging layer 3 between layer 2 and layer 1.


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Rearranging layers within Rhino is a common task, and learning from other software, I believe it would be beneficial to be able to drag 1 or more layers within the layer list. When dragging, the user may benefit from being able to drag between layers with the help of a highlight line.

Here is an example in Photoshop with layers and groups

In rhino, one can’t drag between layers. Using the up and down arrows is less intuitive and slower for me.


Hi Jeremy -

This is from the Rhino 8 WIP:
2023-03-03 Move layer



Ah thanks Wim, just tested in 8 WIP and it’s working nicely, however there seems to be 1 issue.

If there are more layers in the list requiring the scrollbar to be moved, the dragging doesn’t seem to activate the scroll. This is either with 1 layer or multiple layers selected.

Whereas in Rhino 7, it does activate the scroll

To make the scroll activation even better, perhaps there could be some acceleration/non-linear dragging activated scrolling? Or perhaps the user could change how fast the scroll works when they’re dragging the layers.
In the past, I’ve had projects with hundreds of layers and nests, and managing these becomes very tricky. Dragging one parent layer from the bottom of the list to the top can take a long time.


I see this, thanks.
RH-73413 Layers: Scroll the list on drag and drop


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RH-73413 is fixed in the latest WIP