Layers Panel - Unnecessary Movement of UI when Rearranging Layers

I’m trying to keep my cool guys, but I just noticed this does not happen in Rhino 6…

Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? How does this get past the UI/UX team? (If there is one at all that is)

Why are the layers moving?!? THIS IS SO ANNOYING.

Granted in Rhino 6 it was not possible to rearrange a layer by dragging. But at least the layers do not wiggle like crazy.

Here how to do it properly. Come on! No need to reinvent the wheel! Just open another freaking software and see how they are doing it.

The first thing you gotta do is check what others are doing. Then you can improve upon that or decide to do something different.

Hi @ShynnSup,

This appears to be an Eto and/or WPF issue, as I only see this on Windows. I’ve logged the annoyance.

Sorry for the trauma.

– Dale


Relived to hear it’s a mistake. Thanks for logging it!