Realtime volume/area analysis

Is there a way to run a volume on a polysurface such as ;gas tank, water container, etc. in Rhino realtime ?thanks Mark

Hi Mark - no, only curve length and area at this point. What are you shooting for - adjusting until the volume is correct?


Yes, thats it. It can be done through trial and error process. Thats not too 2017. I am guessing there are plug-ins out there. Thanks Pascal

Hi Mark - it is is a matter is scaling to hit a volume, I have a script…


Can I give it a try? Maybe a small explanation too?
I was hoping that a clipping plane or cut-plane could have a volume or area analysis work within them😕.thanks so much.—Mark

Hi Mark - see SetObjectVolumes, here:
It scales the objects, it is not dealing with a variable plane - that is a different thing - dunno if that is useful.

If you are seeking s specific volume, first find the volume of your existing model, then doing some simple math, find the coeffecient you need to get the desired volume and scale non uniform to arrive at the best all around result. You may want to scale in only one direction and scale non-uniform allows for doing so.

I know I’m bringing back an old thread but any chance there’s a version of this that’ll run on the mac version?

Not yet… I’ll see about translating…