Fluid units for volume

When I run volume it would be nice if I could pick litres or US gallons as a unit. Possible?

I’ll add that to the feature enhancement wish list for Volume, Area, and Length.

It seems like we should add others for Volume including quarts, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, etc. @John_Brock, can you add those to your YouTrack item. These are important for houseware designers.


Let me put this li’l link right here since we’re inflating that Volume wishlist…

That last one doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s not like there is a volume number we can monitor and update in a real time display widget. Every time you run the Volume, Area, or Length commands, Rhino uses a process to calculate the value and estimate the accuracy of the calculation. To have that running all the time would leave no time left to actually model.
Maybe if it worked more like History so the calculation was run after you finished modifying the object then it would seem more like a real time thing.

Would it not be like basically having record history on? Every time the input object is modified it would run volume, but instead of putting the output in the command line history, it would go into this widget?

I would find this helpful. When a client says he wants a 300 litre tank designed that fits in a certain (irregular) space in the hull structure this would take away a whole lot of trial and error.

to add… i would see this as part of broader implementation. Big picture would be to be able to choose and update any kind of take-off like area, centroids, volume, moments of inertia. Ideally you could apply specific gravity (materials) to surfaces and objects and then see actual weights for specific objects change as you worked on the model.

AND THEN ideally output an excel spreadsheet with all the volumes, weights, and CGs of everything.

Orca3D does this last part but the implementation is so bad it’s virtually unusable.