Real time connection Rhinoceros / Grasshopper and Unreal Engine via Mindesk

Hi everyone, if you are interested here is a video that I made in collaboration with @giuseppe Massoni on the real-time connection between Rhinoceros / Grasshopper and Unreal Engine via Mindesk.
The video is in Italian but at the following link : Design Technology Committee | AIASF (scroll down on view recording) you can follow the presentation in Italian / English (here, however, the description of the Grasshopper definitions is not present).

Topics covered:
Direct link Mindesk / Unreal
Unreal material assignment on Rhino geometries
Mindesk Unreal view synchronization
Rhino object transform with real-time display on Unreal
Grasshopper to create a system of panels to control the arrangement of the passing light always in real time on Unreal
Grasshopper / Kangaroo definition to create an ordered arrangement of spheres to be placed on a spherical cover and real-time replacement via texture on Unreal



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