Real Global Material Replacement, Please, Please Fix : (

Hi BrianJ,

The big problem is: The semi-global texture replacement does not work within blocks. Respectfully, block editing hundreds of blocks in even a single file is a poor solution.

For now, that’s all I want to do is unify my materials under the stock Rhino V5 renderer. I have dozens of other files to covert, all with old Flamingo materials, which wouldn’t be bad with global material replacement, but we don’t have that.

Fixing the “select objects” by texture, which apparently also doesn’t work inside blocks, would not fix the UI issue.

As far as the sample file, I might decimate my friends non-disclosure file, but I would have to delete hundreds of blocks, and the result would be that would not understand why I need real texture replacement that works within blocks, in the first place.

[The few changes I asked for in Rhino: this issue, an accounting of blocks and non-block objects, a leader callout, as well as this graphic performance thread, all have in common that they are issues related to working on larger projects.]